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Disney's Frozen is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).

TASIS Dorado students shine as they prove they are capable of facing major projects with discipline, commitment, and talent.

It's been nearly a year since TASIS Dorado's Thespian Society won a competition and earned the rights to produce Frozen, the Broadway Musical on stage at our school's Louis R. Christiansen Performing Arts Center. Led by Victoria Monteagudo '24 and Miguel Baños '24, our students have directed, designed, choreographed, rehearsed, and are ready to thrill the audience with this phenomenal performance! November 8, 2023, marked the opening night of this spectacular performance, which received a standing ovation by all!

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The audience at TASIS Dorado's Louis R. Christiansen Performing Arts Center was nothing less than mesmerized by the two-and-a-half-hour production of Frozen, the Broadway Musical!

The curtain rises. The orchestra fills the theater with resonance. The lighting creates an ambiance and atmosphere. The actors hit their marks and cues with clear diction and intentional delivery. Melodic voices are in tune and on key as delightful songs are belted out through the theater. The production is a success!

The characters in the production are well-defined and distinct from one another, and the performers deliver their lines with intention and clarity. They move around the stage with purpose and rhythm. Special mention to Libby Macbeth, whose character captured the audience from the beginning and overcame the mishap of losing the microphone. Young Elsa "wasn't phased by the issue," like a true professional. Libby Macbeth continues in character, even singing her songs with a full orchestra. Kudos! Kateryna Álvarez and Libby Macbeth convince the audience that Anna and Elsa are young sisters who share true love for each other.

Gialianis Calixto and Elena Emanuelli continue the magic as grown-up Anna and Elsa, perform their songs beautifully and keep the audience enthralled by the story. They engage with their characters and deliver a credible conflict, which is only resolved by the magic of love.

The wicked villains Weselton and Hans are also well-crafted; the first is despicable from beginning to end, while the second hides his mischievousness under the nice appearance of a naive noble. Well done, Liam Ruiz and Gabriel Rivera!

The King and Queen are dignified thanks to the interpretation of Alex Trigo and Gabriela Descartes, who assume minor roles as part of the ensemble, showing flexibility and stagecraft.

Andrea Rojas and Leo Witting surprise us with a bold interpretation of Bulda and Pabbie, the indigenous shamans. They move with ease and dexterity and project their characters convincingly. Adriana Díaz is solemn, as a bishop should be, and enriches the ensemble.

Tristan Grillasca as Oaken and Andrés Emanueli as Olaf, the comic characters, are amusing, funny, and charming.

Álvaro Díaz, as Kristoff, delivers an outstanding performance, bringing charm, faith, and redemption to the male adult characters.

The ensemble did a fantastic job, and they deserve praise and recognition: Adriana Díaz, Alex Trigo, Chloe Llacer, Francisco Trápaga, Gabriela Descartes, Gabriella Bailey, Lexi Macbeth, Paola Pérez, Sebastián Machicote, Serafina Murphy and Theo Llacer. They fill the space with purpose and engage in different characters during the show. They sing in tune and solid diction and move with grace as one. Outstanding job!

The dancers, Bianca Muñiz, Daniela López, María Colón, Sophia Bailey, and Valeria López, led by choreographer Valeria Castellano, show synchronization, tempo, and grace with their movements, as well as provide effects and mood when most needed. Bravas!

Last but certainly not least, Victoria Monteagudo and Miguel Baños deliver superb work directing and staging this musical. Victoria shines in earning the support and trust of her peers, keeping discipline, and providing motivation, which is hard work even for many adults! At the same time, Miguel had to lead professional musicians, TD teachers, and the Music Conservatory, earn their respect, and lead them into the difficulties of playing music for singers and actors who are beginning their careers. They both succeeded in their tasks with magical results.

This production is characterized by its teamwork. The collective work is outstanding, from the lead characters to the dance corp to the supporting characters; they all shined. These performers are naturals, each in their own part, and that is only achieved when the invisible hand of a director creates harmony, provides guidance, recognizes talents, identifies flaws, and inspires hard work, discipline, and commitment. When student leaders of this caliber take responsibility for an all-student production, it's safe to say the result will exceed all expectations!

TASIS Dorado's Alana Fuentes Lartigaut' 24 Completes National Program Requirements to be named a National Student Council Distinguished Student Leader

Dorado, PR - Alana Fuentes Lartigaut, a 2024 student at TASIS Dorado, has successfully completed the NatStuCo Student Leaders Program, earning national recognition as a National Student Council Distinguished Student Leader. She is one of approximately 800 students nationwide to achieve this recognition, becoming a highly sought-after honor by student leaders nationwide. Sponsored by the National Student Council (NatStuCo) and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), the Student Leaders Program serves to:
● Give schools a tool to enhance and improve their efforts to develop student leaders.
● Challenge students to work for recognition that is based on their abilities and knowledge in the area of leadership.
● Create an award that provides authentic assessment and recognition based on a student's demonstration of skills and knowledge.
● Support the standards and goals of the National Council of Excellence Awards and missions of National Student Council and NASSP.

Alana Fuentes '24 has been a proud TASIS Bear since PPK. She's been an active member of the Student Council's class boards since 7th grade and an Executive Board leader for the past three years, including secretary, treasurer, and now president. Throughout the years, Alana has embraced a collaborative approach to improving the TASIS Dorado experience. Alana is passionate about creating a supportive community, evident through this year's StuCo theme, LEAP -- Let's Embrace Authentic Personalities with the slogan "Student by Chance, Family by Choice." Determined to ensure all TASIS Dorado's student body members feel welcome, accepted, and supported, she believes it's essential to be an approachable leader to create a cohesive school culture.

Alana is also a leader and member of various extracurricular clubs and activities, including the Spanish Honor Society, Club Comidas Comunitarias, National Honor Society, French Honor Society, Leadership Academy, and Peer Tutor. Through these experiences, Alana has learned the importance of paying it forward. As the former president of Club Comidas Comunitarias, Alana led many food drives for nearby communities. Through her role in the Leadership Academy, she organized a Beach Tennis Tournament for a public school specializing in education for students with disabilities. The event raised $20,000 for school resources to provide a better education and a more comfortable learning space. Overall, Alana remains focused on creating a supportive school culture while helping local schools afford the resources needed to improve their educational opportunities.
Alana, whose school is a National Student Council member, completed a series of required tasks and activities in order to complete the program and become a certified student leader. The rigorous application process involves the creation of a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates completion of a number of activities inclusive of modules on leadership, goal setting, team building, decision making, problem-solving, group dynamics, time management, and personal organization, meeting management, communication, evaluation, service, civic engagement, and personal leadership philosophy. Applicants must also participate in an assessment meeting with their advisers and principals to verify completion of the requirements. Student portfolios and applications are then forwarded to NatStuCo for a final review. Upon successfully completing the program, students are recognized as Distinguished Student Leaders.
For more information on the National Student Council Distinguished Student Leaders Program, visit

About National Student Council
The National Student Council™ (NatStuCo) provides resources, programs, and recognition to develop and support student council leaders and advisers. NatStuCo believes that student council is the voice of the student body and is dedicated to preparing and empowering student leaders to serve their schools and communities through leadership, service and civic engagement. For more information, visit

The National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) is the leading organization of and voice for middle level and high school principals, assistant principals, and school leaders from across the United States and 35 countries around the world. The association connects and engages school leaders through advocacy, research, education, and student programs. NASSP advocates on behalf of all school leaders to ensure the success of each student and strengthens school leadership practices through the design and delivery of high-quality professional learning experiences. Reflecting its long-standing commitment to student leadership development, NASSP administers the National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, National Elementary Honor Society, and National Student Council.

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