Tuition Assistance Program

TASIS Dorado is committed to making our educational program available to families of all economic backgrounds. One way we do this is through our Tuition Assistance Program.

Application for tuition assistance is made through the FAST Financial Aid System and is completely separate from the admissions process. K-12 schools and organizations use FAST across the country to help assess a family's ability to pay for independent education and to help families feel confident that their request for tuition assistance is being treated objectively and professionally.

Parents are asked to visit NAIS “About Financial Aid" to learn more about the tuition assistance application process. From there, a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) form must be submitted by January 31 of each application year.

Please direct any questions regarding tuition assistance to the Comptroller or the Director of Admissions at 787-796-0400, ext. 203 or 221 respectively.