Led by Head of School Deborah K. Monroe, TASIS Dorado’s leadership is a team of forever learners committed to ensuring students always come first. The team’s ultimate goal is to develop creative, informed, and well-balanced students who embrace service and leadership, pursue their passions, engage in rigorous scholarship, and transform their energies and talents into making a positive difference in the world. The team’s collaborative and student-centered approach to education is key in creating a successful learning environment and they welcome open dialogue from students, faculty, alumni, and parents. They recognize and embrace the presence of cognitive differences in school, as in life. That is to say, students learn and think differently. The work of the school is to meet our learners where they are. This is the real world of differences that we live in and in which our students will work when they graduate from college.

TASIS Dorado’s Leadership Team is guided by the policies and strategic plan approved by the Board of Directors, led by President of the Board, Federico Stubbe, Jr. The Board is a talented group of dedicated individuals who generously volunteer their time and work together as a team to govern the school, ensuring its current and future success. The Board holds the school's long-term strategic vision "in trust," providing resources, setting policy, and assuring financial strength in order to promote the mission of the school. One of the most critical functions of the Board of Directors is to appoint the Head of School.

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