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Social Media & Photo Galleries

TASIS Dorado is very active on social media, posting daily to both Facebook and Instagram. We also have our own YouTube Channel, Twitter, and a robust Smug Mug Gallery showcasing many photos and videos of the TASIS experience. Most grades, academic departments, and other TD offices have social media accounts that are shared with parents at the onset of the academic year.

Be sure to follow our official social media accounts below for updates! Our official tags are #TDBearNation #TDBearPride

Instagram accounts across the school:

Many classes have their own Instagram account for the entire grade, for example tdclass20XX. Follow your child’s grade to get a glimpse of their daily experience!

Facebook accounts across the school:

School News

Communication is constant at TASIS Dorado! From student news to alumni happenings, athletic events, artistic performances, and more...we’ve got you covered. For the latest and greatest, visit School News and Media Communications.