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Hospital tests 3D printed ventilator parts as TASIS Dorado joins COVID-19 fight
Posted 03/26/2020 06:17PM

Hospital tests 3D printed ventilator parts as TASIS Dorado joins COVID-19 fight

As the number of patients in critical condition from the coronavirus increases, mechanical ventilation is needed to provide sufficient oxygen into the lungs and body. Ventilator machines are limited in quantity, and hospitals can run out of machines faster than they can order new devices. The TASIS School in Dorado is joining other institutions around the world to explore using 3D printed splitters that allow multiple COVID-19 patients to access a single ventilator to combat the coronavirus in Puerto Rico.

3D printed splitters that allow multiple COVID-19 patients to access a single ventilator are being designed and 3D printed at TASIS Dorado and tested at HIMA San Pablo Hospital.

Ms. Susan Fiallo, Director of Curriculum and Special Programs at TASIS Dorado said "Dr. Emily Rosellini, a member of our TD community, is working with our STEAM Fab Lab, led by Ms. Cristina Centeno, M.Arch., on 3D printing prototypes for multi-valve connections for ventilators so more than one person can be connected to a ventilator at a time. Because of the severe shortage of ventilators in hospitals, this is something that other people around the country are also working on during this crisis. Dr. Rosellini is being very proactive here in Puerto Rico and has approached the school and asked if we could work with them on providing 3D printed devices for this purpose. Ms. Cristina has already worked on the prototype, researched, and adapted some designs to the needs this doctor has brought to us. Several prototypes based on an open-source design were printed and are now being evaluated at the Hospital HIMA San Pablo."

Ms. Cristina Centeno joined TASIS Dorado in 2015, as part of the team that originated and designed the STEAM Fab Lab Program. She has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Design, a Masters of Architecture from the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras, and a Master of Advanced Design and Digital Architecture, from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. Before leading the Fab Lab at TASIS Dorado, she worked in the Fab Lab at the University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture and the prototype workshop at the Elisava School of Design in Barcelona.

Ms. Cristina is joined in the Fab Lab team by Paola Álvarez, industrial and interior designer, who has also been collaborating with the production of 3D printed pieces.

Ms. Cristina Centeno, TASIS Dorado STEAM Fab Lab Manager and Technology Instructor, is designing 3D printed splitters to be used on hospital ventilators.

"We are currently evaluating both original and open-source designs, working with Dr. Rosellini to validate their functionality and determine adjustments to be made. The team is also reaching out to multiple institutions with access to rapid prototyping to increase the production of these parts. The adapters we are 3D printing will allow a ventilation system that would normally serve one person to be expanded up to four patients with similar conditions," Ms. Cristina stated.

"For all of us, we are proud and more than willing to contribute to dealing head-on with this crisis and we are very thankful to the doctor for having the confidence to come to us." Ms. Fiallo concluded.

UPDATE: The TASIS School in Dorado TASIS Dorado is pleased to report that this project continues with another company and already is in production according to our contacts.

Lia Fortuño, class of 2021, has been assisting Ms. Centeno by operating the 3D printers.

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Posted by Michelle Yegros
Photo credits: Michelle Yegros, Cristina Centeno

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