Requirements for PPK

TASIS Dorado desires to attract motivated students who are able to meet the expectations of a quality pre-school program leading to a Pre-Kinder experience in a demanding school such as TASIS Dorado. While some students have English as their first language, the majority come from homes in which Spanish is the primary language. These students will be gradually challenged to adapt to and learn in English as the language of instruction. Students with English as their primary language will develop additional vocabulary and will also absorb Spanish through their daily interactions with others students. Fully bilingual teachers will be aware of all students’ language needs and students will receive full support in their transition.

We expect all youngsters who attend our Pre-School program (PPK, PK and Kinder) to be fully toilet trained. The required age for admission to Pre-Pre-Kinder is three years old by July 31st. The required age for admission to Pre-Kinder is four years old by July 31st. The required age for admission to Kindergarten is five years old by July 31st.

PPK Admission Application


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