High School

High School students are embarking on the final leg of the journey toward college and are beginning to define their individual talents and interests. At the core of our High School educational program is a structure that ensures a broad range of learning across the core subjects of English, Spanish, a third language, Math, Science, Social Studies and the Arts, while allowing students to take charge of their education by pursuing deeper knowledge in areas of particular interest. A wide variety of offerings in art, music, technology, College Ed and PE round out the curriculum.

Students generally enroll in standard core courses and choose additional electives. Promising students who meet certain criteria may enroll in "plus," "enriched" and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and in certain cases courses may be designed to meet students' advanced needs.

Consistent with the TASIS Dorado philosophy of a well-balanced education, we believe that strong academics alone do not make a well-rounded program. A TASIS Dorado college preparatory education provides not only for a strong academic foundation, but also for the cultural, social, psychological, and physical development of the student. Our student body will develop into leaders, honorable individuals, and exemplary citizens.

TASIS Dorado is a "laptop school" with technology use integrated into the curriculum, so all High School students are required to own a laptop and become proficient in Microsoft Office programs. Dynamic Arts and Humanities programs ensure that our students develop an appreciation for the beauty of the world around them while a varied Physical Education and Health program encourages students to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Meaningful special programs include Exploration Week and other thematic weeks, community service, academic exchanges, travel abroad, visiting experts and artists, summer activities and more.

The rigorous program ensures that our students graduate with a solid breadth and depth of knowledge and skills so that they are ready to pursue post-secondary education. Students from our first four graduating classes are attending institutions including Dartmouth, WashU, UPENN, Cornell, Georgetown, CalArts, Tufts, Stanford, Northeastern, RISD, UPR Mayagüez, UPR Río Piedras and many more.

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