Standardized Testing

TASIS Dorado administers a variety of standardized tests to students in Early Elementary school through High School. Regular testing serves a variety of purposes including evaluating our curriculum, familiarizing students with testing procedure and measuring individual student learning. While test scores offer information on how a student is performing compared to national norms, we by no means consider standardized test scores to be the only measure of a student's success or potential. Scores are important but are only one component used to evaluate a student's learning readiness.


All students considering applying to colleges on the US mainland are encouraged to sign up to take the SAT, usually in March of 11th Grade and in June of that year. Some students also take the SAT in October of their Senior year. The SAT exam is administered at TASIS Dorado, but students may choose to take it elsewhere when they sign up.


Students planning to apply to selective US colleges are encouraged to consult with the college counselor and then sign up for the appropriate SAT II tests (formerly known as "subject" tests). The testing location is determined by the time of year and availability.


All TASIS Dorado Students take the PSAT in the 9th, 10th and 11th Grades. The purpose of taking the test as freshmen and sophomores is to familiarize students with the format and style of the test and to indicate areas of strength and areas for improvement. Students taking the PSAT in 11th Grade are eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Program and National Hispanic Recognition Program. English and Math teachers offer an overview in the days preceding the test.


Most Juniors or Seniors are encouraged to take the PEAU, also known as the "College Boards," which are required for admission to the University of Puerto Rico system. The test is now administered at TASIS Dorado.


The Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) measures reading on the Lexile Framework for Reading. It provides data on the student's immediate reading level as well as growth over time. It is administered to TASIS Dorado 6th - 11th Graders twice per year, in October and January.


The Educational Records Bureau CTP and CPAA tests (collectively known as ERBs) are rigorous standardized tests in areas such as reading, listening, vocabulary, writing and mathematics, and verbal and quantitative reasoning. Results compare student achievement to other students locally and nationally. The test is administered annually to all 1st - 10th Graders.


TASIS Dorado students take the local PIENSE exams (in Spanish) that measure Spanish, English and mathematics learning. It is administered annually to all 1st-10th Graders.

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