Learning Support

Learning Resources

Students who are struggling may be identified as needing extra assistance with their school work. A group of specialists that includes psychologists, speech and language therapists, and occupational and educational therapists advises the principal and academic dean in providing structured support to those youngsters. The appropriate professional may work with students individually or in a small group during a designated period in the school day or before or after school, as determined by the administration.

The professional will help to assess needs and identify goals and strategies for instruction. The professionals work closely with the student's classroom teachers and the parents, as well as with a school counselor when necessary, to provide a coordinated, systematic educational program. Parents are responsible for associated fees.

TASIS Dorado offers a demanding college preparatory program and requires certain levels of proficiency in order to progress through the grades. It is our hope that every student will find success in his or her endeavors, and we have a group of professionals to assist in that process. However, TASIS Dorado is not a special education facility, so we may not be able to meet the needs of students with certain learning differences.

Subject Tutoring

Teachers are available after school to answer students' questions and further explain topics covered in the classroom. However, students may require regular assistance with school work in specific subject areas or in test preparation. The principal and academic dean may recommend tutoring or academic coaching. Parents are responsible for associated fees.

Counseling Support Services

TASIS Dorado employs school counselors whose expertise and support is available to students, faculty and parents. Students experiencing academic or personal difficulties may be referred to the counselor. Students are also free to consult with a counselor for assistance with new school transition, coping skills, communication skills and conflict resolution skills. TASIS Dorado firmly supports an anti-bullying campaign, and students may confidently and confidentially discuss concerns with a counselor. There is no fee for working with a school guidance counselor.

Parents or faculty members may, at any point during the academic year, raise concerns about a student and request a consultation involving the student, parents, faculty and an administrator or counselor. Formal assessment of learning differences is referred to qualified educational diagnosticians. Upon receipt of a completed psycho-educational assessment, the administration will advise on the development of appropriate educational programming.

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