Elementary Music

Music learning begins in pre-school as our youngest students learn songs and rhymes as part of their everyday classroom activity. In the Music classroom they develop their vocal skills by singing, whistpering, calling and talking as they learn traditional songs and rhymes. They also learn the skill of keeping a steady beat by playing, moving, clapping, jumping and galloping to different styles of music and by playing a steady beat using rhythm band instruments such as maracas and tambourines. They learn to use musical vocabulary and are introduced to the seven musical notes.

Music learning continues throughout the Elementary grades as students spend a full trimester on music. They learn musical notation; play the xylophone, recorder and percussion; study the orchestra and musical masterpieces such as "Peter and the Wolf"; and so much more. Each trimester ends with a Creative Showcase performance for parents.

Middle School Music

All 6th, 7th and 8th Graders take Band and spend the term learning to read music and play the instrument of their choice such as clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, tuba, bass guitar, drums, flute and more. Each semester ends with a concert performance that is part of each student's grade in the course. Musical choices, which the students learn over the course of the semester, include choice from jazz, pop, classical and classic rock.

High School Music

High School students may choose to fulfill elective requirements with music classes including High School Band I and II, High School Vocals, and Advanced Music, which can include conducting and working with a Middle School group. Students may also audition for musical groups including the Stage Band, which plays for the school musical; Batucada, which plays a pep rallies and other special events; the rock band; and the brass band.

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