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TASIS Dorado counts on the support and active involvement of parents, guardians, grandparents, and other family members.

All parents are automatically members of the TASIS Parent Association (TPA), which coordinates several key programs and events throughout the year. The TPA Board works closely with our Leadership Team and teachers to aid in a seamless connection between parents and the school.

Past activities have included a wide variety of popular events, such as our Welcome Back Party, Noche de Puerto Rico, Family Fun Night, Muffins with Mom, Donuts with Dad, TD Faculty Appreciation Activity, parent seminars, and more.

Monthly meetings keep parents informed, include an educational component focused on relevant topics, and offer opportunities to socialize with other parents. 

Stay connected and follow the TPA Facebook or contact Maru Trápaga, TPA President, at tpa@tasisdorado.com.

Get Involved!

The TPA encourages our parents to be active in our community by volunteering on committees and events. Coming soon: Sign-Up Form 2024-25 

Executive Committee 2022-23

  • Co-President: Maru Trápaga, P ‘29, ‘31, ‘37
  • Co-President: Robyn Weber, P ‘29, ‘24
  • Treasurer: Haydee Silva, P ‘29, ‘24
  • Secretary: Mariu Soldevila, P ‘31
  • Community Liaison: Franco Pietri, P ‘34
  • Community Liaison: Lindsay Walters, P ‘34, ‘29, ‘27

Family participation is a vital part of the success of TASIS Dorado. Our school's strong sense of involvement stems from meaningful parent volunteering and a commitment to building community with all families in both Elementary and Secondary divisions. TASIS Dorado counts on this support and active participation of parents, guardians, grandparents, and other family members. Thank you for your interest in supporting our students, teachers, and the school staff and administrators.

Events Throughout the Year 2022-23

Stay tuned for more events to be added.

Welcome Back Party
Every August, the Welcome Back Party allows new families to meet and socialize with other new and returning families. It provides a venue where new families can meet and learn more about the resources available in the TASIS community. Children can enjoy games and activities as well as tour the school and meet their fellow classmates. Volunteers are needed to coordinate, sign in attendees, and help to oversee various aspects of the event.

Noche de Puerto Rico
A festive family event rich with Puerto Rican culture, where everyone enjoys experiencing the richness of Puerto Rican food, song, and dance spread out throughout the campus. Highlights of this evening were the traditional "lechón a la vara," music performances by "trio performers," Batucada, Pleneros, "jíbaro" dancers, and "picas" and "Paso Fino" horse show. TPA parents volunteer their time and support toward making "Noche de Puerto Rico" a success!

Key Programs

Parent volunteers are essential to the success of our school. Not only is it a fun and exciting way to meet other families and forge life-long friendships, but it's an opportunity to make an impact on your child's educational journey. 

In preparation for next year, the TPA is asking for parent volunteers to fulfill two important roles for the academic year 2022-23: 

  1. Admissions Ambassadors to welcome new families
  2. Class Parents from PPK to 5th

Admissions Ambassadors

Every year, we are lucky to welcome new families into our TD community. Sometimes these families are not only new to our school but also new to Puerto Rico, which can be both exciting and overwhelming. As part of our ongoing effort to help new families acclimate to TASIS Dorado and our island, the TPA and school leadership have established a welcoming and onboarding program called Admissions Ambassadors

Admissions Ambassadors are current families who have shown a deep commitment and strong partnership with TASIS Dorado and help ease the transition for new families. Responsibilities include answering questions, sharing school routines, and helping TASIS Dorado feel like home. Specific details are outlined below:

  • Attend Admissions Ambassadors Meeting on Tuesday, June 7 at 9:00 AM

  • Contact your new family by June 15 to introduce yourself and welcome them to TASIS Dorado

  • Coordinate a simple get-together with a few classmates and their parents (i.e. playdate at a playground or neighborhood pool)

  • Attend New Families Welcome Breakfast on Wednesday, August 10 (time TBA)

TPA Class Parents

  • PPK to 5th Class Parents act as the liaison and main source of communication between the TPA, classroom teachers, and the parents in your child’s grade. Throughout the year, Class Parents will also support teachers with various classroom needs that may arise.
  • 6th to 12th Class Parents are typically the parents of the Student Council’s Class Representatives. These parents support their child in the role and help the TPA with various communications.


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