Third, Fourth & Fifth Grades

The curriculum in the Upper Elementary grades is broadly based and takes into account the fact that each child enters the school with different experiences and skills, and at  different levels. The curriculum is planned to develop in the student a respect for and love of learning while giving the individual the strong basic skills that provide the foundation for more complex learning and skills. It is our intention to provide this strong and energetic age group a well-rounded and challenging program in academic subjects and the creative arts. The curriculum focuses on teaching specific developmental skills within five core subjects: English language arts, Spanish language arts (both of which include reading, writing process, spelling and grammar), mathematics, science/health and social studies. The emphasis on the importance of character and core values continues.

Children in Grades 3 to 5 are expected to have a working command of the English language upon admission in order to ensure that they can benefit from the program. Students spend their school day immersed in English as the language of instruction. Those children who may need extra support in English will be referred to specialized tutors who may be allowed to meet with the child during the school day if scheduling allows. Parents will be responsible for these tutorial fees. All students also participate in the Spanish program. Students whose first language is not Spanish are grouped for introductory Spanish classes according to grade level and level of Spanish language skills. The goal is for each student to be mainstreamed into the regular Spanish language arts program following the introductory program.

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