Why TASIS Dorado

TASIS Dorado: a world-class school transforming lives through the love of learning, beauty, truth, goodness, and wisdom.

The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools recognized TASIS Dorado with the “Program of Distinction" Award in Early Childhood Education (PPK through 1st Grade). TASIS Dorado was THE FIRST SCHOOL IN PUERTO RICO and the second one worldwide, to achieve this prestigious accomplishment. 

A visit to our beautiful school is the best way to understand our program and see what makes us different. We invite you to join us for one of our Open House events or arrange for a personal and/or virtual visit to tour our campus and learn more about TASIS Dorado and our confident, well-rounded, and high-achieving students.

TASIS Dorado...

  • ...motivates students to achieve excellence by establishing high expectations and providing rich opportunities for learning within a supportive educational environment.

  • ...engages children through hands-on learning with our content-rich Core Knowledge Curriculum.

  • ...encourages teamwork through our championship athletics program, award-winning foreign language, history, math, and science departments, motivating classroom projects, and the visual and performing arts program.

  • ...is dedicated to small student-teacher ratios. (9:1 on average)

  • ...hosts an annual Exploration Days for middle school and Exploration Week for high school, who work side-by-side with expert practitioners in a variety of fields, including medicine, videography, engineering, science, entrepreneurship, culinary arts, hospitality, and visual and performing arts. 

  • ...cultivates sophisticated critical thinking skills through a wide array of curricular offerings.

  • ...fosters the mastery of multiple languages in our graduates to open doors of opportunity in careers and life.

What's New at TD

New Programs


  • Coding, robotics, and STEM instruction as part of our Innovative Sciences program
  • CUB/BEAR (K-5) program & Leadership Academy (3-5) focused on entrepreneurship skills and building an individual's capacity to make a difference
  • Updated Puerto Rico history & culture units of study


  • Project-based learning to explore issues and identify questions and develop an action plan for solutions to authentic problems
  • Leadership development through our recently launched TASIS Dorado Leadership Academy
  • Newly created courses such as Organic Chemistry, Fab Lab Physical Computing, Pre AP English, Enriched Spanish, Economics & Personal Finance, Computer Science for Middle School
  • Global Online Academyis an elite consortium of top-rated private schools that provides accredited course offerings for students and teachers.
    • Social Sciences
    • Math & Technology
    • Science & Health
    • Art
    • Media & Design
    • Foreign Languages

Coming Soon!

  • Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL)A dynamic, collaborative environment that inspires the TASIS Dorado community to learn together, exchange ideas, and creatively problem-solve through innovative educational practices.
    • Redesigned Elementary Library
    • Secondary Library & Lounge
    • Digital Media Lab
    • Idea Lab
    • Virtual Classroom

Learn more about TASIS Dorado's new programs.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program Benefits

TASIS Dorado’s Advanced Placement offerings allow high school students to study college-level material and take achievement exams that enrich their depth of understanding and may also lead to college credits. Our students can select from 30 accelerated (AP) courses in specific areas of interest, allowing students the flexibility to customize their transcript of studies. 

AP Program Benefits: 

Course Variety: TASIS Dorado offers the widest range of AP course offerings on the island across a variety of interests, including physical and life sciences, calculus and statistics, economics, computer science, English literature and composition, Capstone Seminar and Research*, foreign languages and literature, U.S. and world history, geography, psychology, government, studio art, and music theory.

*Capstone Seminar and Research: Rather than teaching subject-specific content, these courses develop students’ skills in research, analysis, evidence-based arguments, collaboration, writing, and presenting. Students who complete the two-year program can earn one of two different AP Capstone awards.

College Prep: TASIS Dorado’s AP class curriculums offer challenging work and study and flexibility for each student to pursue their interests while mirroring the rigor they will face in college.

GPA Boost: AP classes are graded on a higher-point scale; doing well in these classes adds an extra boost to a student’s overall GPA.

College Credits: Earning a high score on an AP test can earn high school students college credits worth thousands of dollars.

Academic Rigor: AP classes demonstrate a student’s ability and motivation to take on additional coursework and level of difficulty associated with the program. In turn, add depth to college applications and improve one’s profile during the college admission process. Today’s AP program offers more emphasis on research and practicum-based problems, further expanding the overall experience. 

College Majors and Minors: Due to the depth that AP classes cover, students gain an early sense of majors and minors, possibly making it easier to choose a focus in college.

College Scholarships and Grants: Test scores and overall grades earned in AP classes can lead to increased scholarships and grants, thereby reducing the cost of college. 

Honor Program: Students enrolled in AP classes have the opportunity to graduate as an AP Scholar or AP Scholar with Distinction, further enhancing a college application.

TASIS is my childhood. It gave me a family and a close-knit community that I could not have found elsewhere…TASIS gave me space to grow as a student and as a leader.


Isabel Fortuño Seitzer, TD Class of 2013

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