All School Calendar

TASIS Dorado's school year begins around the second week of August and ends around the third week of May. High School students take mid-term and final exams the third week of December and the third week of May, respectively.

Teachers return to school the first week of August for professional development and classroom preparation and remain in school through the end of May for grading and parent-teacher conferences. The 8th and 12th Grade graduation ceremonies are typically held at the end of May. 

Our all-school calendar is published before the start of the following academic year and updated regularly. 

2022-23 CALENDAR


Activities, Athletics & the Arts

TASIS Dorado offers a robust athletics program, as well as a wide variety of extracurricular educational and social activities, clubs, and societies. Students across all levels are deeply involved in athletics, the arts, and extracurriculars with endless opportunities to choose from. 

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TD Year at a Glance

TASIS Dorado students are involved in a wealth of activities outside the classroom. While these experiences can vary from year to year, TD Year at a Glance offers an overview of the many activities, performances, and events scheduled in any given year.   

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