Welcome to the TD Hub Dining Hall 

We offer a reimagined culinary experience for breakfast, lunch, and snacks with food service provided by Aguilar Food Service, LLC. Our TASIS community will experience diverse cuisines offering fresh ingredients, loads of flavor, and high nutritional value.

The Dining Hall offers comfortable table seating and a flexible furniture layout encouraging students to gather, eat, and recharge. An abundance of natural light fills the space, lending way to lush gardens on the exterior patio.

Our transformative dining experience invites community members to visit the revitalized space, enjoy meals served by our friendly dining staff, and take advantage of convenient grab-n-go options.

Additionally, our TD families can once again visit the Dining Hall with their children to enjoy daily breakfast from 7:15 - 8:15 AM and after-school snacks from 3:00 - 4:30 PM. 

For questions regarding your dining account, please email losmuchachoscateringtasis@gmail.com

TD HUB Dining Hall Overview

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Lunch Program

Enjoy a daily culinary experience using one of the following methods:

  1. Walk-in HUB Criollo Menu offerings (Daily Lunch Specials)
    1. Visit the Hub Dining Hall during your scheduled lunchtime and choose from the Criollo menu options. 
    2. Criollo includes a choice of: 1 protein, 1 carb side, 1 vegetable, and bottled water.
    3. Charges are made directly to the parent’s account.
  2. Online Pre-order Creative Menu, Pizza & Deli Station using the Google Form
    1. A Pre-Order is required for the Creative Menu or Pizza & Deli Station
    2. Pre-orders are made in advance and must be received by Wednesday at 6:00 pm (local time) for the upcoming week. 
    3. Pre-orders will not be accepted after the weekly deadline.
    4. Click here to pre-order.
  3. Bear Shack (Grades 6 to 12 ONLY)
    1. Secondary students may visit the Bear Shack for grab-n-go options during lunch period.

The Criollo Lunch Special and Bear Shack Grab-n-Go are ALWAYS AVAILABLE and DO NOT need to be pre-ordered.

Rollout of Online Pre-Orders

To ensure a positive dining experience, TASIS Dorado has carefully scheduled a staggered rollout of the new online system for pre-ordering the Creative Cuisine or Pizza & Deli Station.

How to Pay for Dining Services

To enjoy the full range of food offerings, all families must have a TD Dining Services household account with Tupyx

Returning Families with a Tupyx Account

  • Please log in to your account and ensure there are sufficient funds for the start of the new school year! 

New or Returning Families that need to create a Tupyx account  

  • Families will receive an email on or before Friday, August 12 from losmuchachoscateringtasis@gmail.com with an invitation to create a TD Dining Services household account through the Tupyx payment system.

  • Parents will receive 1 email per child with a one-time unique link to enroll each child in the dining program.  The one-time unique link expires within 48 hours of receipt and cannot be shared with others as it is linked to the household credit card.

For questions, email losmuchachoscateringtasis@gmail.com

Pre-Order Cancellation Policy


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