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Posted 11/26/2018 10:01AM
Congratulations to all of our stars in The Wizard of Oz school musical!
Posted 06/28/2019 04:00PM

TASIS Dorado Presents The Wizard of Oz Musical







  • Dress Rehearsal:

  • Opening Night:

  • Closing Night:

  • The TASIS Dorado Spring musical production of "Wizard of Oz - Young Performers Edition," directed by Axel Serrant and produced by Drama teacher Lourdeliz Ramos, was a resounding success on both April 10th and the 11th at the PAC!

    Based on the hit movie, Wizard of Oz, made famous by movie star Judy Garland, our production sees Dorothy Gale is swept away from a farm in Kansas to the magical land of Oz, in a tornado and embarking on a quest with her new friends to see the Wizard who can help her return home and help her friends as well.

    From the beginning of the year, a cast and crew of almost 100 talented students from 2nd to 12th-grade and a chorus and musicians from 3rd-12th-grade, have been putting in long hours of rehearsal time, culminating in two wonderful performances. "Congratulations to the cast, the crew and the teachers on their hard work, effort and staying on top of things amongst so many responsibilities. May the theatre continues to be a rainbow bridge that allows us to tell stories and connect to the world and our surroundings with hope and understanding. " director Axel Serrant exclaimed.

    Our talented music department, featuring Ms. Karla Santana, Mr. Fabián Rivera, Mr. Joel Bracero, and Mr. Jonathan Martínez, performed live with our student musicians, conducting and adding to the authentic theatrical experience. The Wizard of Oz band, directed by Mr. Jonathan Martinez, consisted of 15 musicians and a backup vocals ensemble of four vocalists, led by Mr. Joel Bracero. Our talented TD teacher, Ms. Karla Santana, was the show pianist and Mr. Rafael Hernández, the leading vocal coach.

    Seniors that participated in the musical included Michael Calixto as the Scarecrow; Maria Victoria Hayes added her talent to the production as part of the backup chorus, while Christian Torres, Edmond Zacapa, and Yael Rómán worked as theater technicians.

    Ms. Lourdeliz Ramos, TD Drama teacher, assistant director, and production manager, praised her performers after the show: "Thanks to our wonderful cast who persevered for three months giving their all, sacrificing many other activities and commitments along the way. We are SO proud and SO thankful for the energy, the time, the disposition to grow, to work as a team. I love you all, my shining stars! See you next year!" concluded Ms. Lourdeliz.


    THE WIZARD OF OZ: Young Performers' Edition is presented by special arrangement with TAMS-WITMARK Music Library, Inc. based on the book "The Wizard of Oz" written by Frank L. Baum with Music & Lyrics of the MGM Motion Picture Score by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg and the background Music by Herbert Stothart. Property of: TAMS-Witmark Library, Inc. The Wizard of Oz and all related characters and elements are trademarks of ©Turner Entertainment Co., 2011. Based upon the Classic Motion Picture owned by Turner Entertainment Co. and distributed in all media by Warner Bros.


    (by order of appearance)

  • Gabriela Descartes as Dorothy Gale
  • Kamalkali Toraño as Aunt Em
  • Reynaldo Falcón as Uncle Henry and Ozian
  • Camila Goveo as Hunk, Cyclone, Crow, Oz Guard, Jitterbug
  • Cece Combs as Hickory, Cyclone, Apple Tree #3, Creepy Forest Tree, and Doorman
  • Kohen Berry as Zeke, Cyclone, Wicked Witch of the East, Crow, Nikko, and Cat
  • María Jorge as Miss Gulch, Ozian, Winkie Guard, Apple Tree #1 on Thursday
  • José Quirós as Professor Marvel, Crow, Ozian, Leader of the Winkie Guards
  • Gialianis Calixto as Toto
  • Victoria Monteagudo as Glinda
  • Serafina Murphy as Munchkin #2
  • Julio Torres as Mayor
  • Matilda Murphy as Coroner
  • Vivienne Zacapa as Barrister
  • Tots: Andrelle Rivera, Elena Emanuelli and Stella Sederholm
  • Tough Guys: Jayden Sotelo, Mateo McParland, and Ricardo Puig
  • Skyler Porter as Munchkin #1
  • Charlie Combs as City Father #1
  • Laura Bonilla as City Father #2
  • Munchkins: Abby McCartney (understudy for Tot), Alejandro Hartmann (understudy for Tough Guy), Annabelle Young, Camila Hartmann, Carolina Hormaza, Ellie Lange, Isabel Falcón, Isabella Carleton, Marcella Martínez, María José Suárez, María Fernanda Colón, Noah Seda, Sophia López, Valentina Ramírez, and Valeria I. López
  • Aimeé Colón as Wicked Witch of the West
  • Michael Calixto as Scarecrow
  • Sarah J. Wadsworth as Apple Tree #1, Ozian, Creepy Forest Tree, and Winkie Guard
  • Georgia Bills as Apple Tree #2, Cyclone, Ozian, Creepy Forest Tree, and Winkie Guard
  • Gabriel F. Rivera as Tin Man
  • Enrique Valiente as Cowardly Lion
  • Jitterbugs: Alexandra Rivera, Catalina Trápaga and Natalia N. Pérez
  • Emma Trápaga as Oz Woman, Cyclone and Winkie Guard
  • Adrián Marini as The Wizard of Oz and Crow
  • Winged Monkeys: Mateo McParland, Abby McCartney, Vivienne Zacapa, Stella Sederholm, and Alejandro Hartmann
  • James Shoen as Hot Air Balloon Handler
    Directed by Mr. Joel Bracero
    Valeria Moreda, Alinés Lebrón, María Victoria Hayes, and Camila Otero, guest singer from the Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico

    Directed by Mrs. Karla Santana
    Alejandra Barrientos, Daniel Osguthorpe, Daniela Martínez, Diego Baños, Kerubín Ramos

    Conducted by Mr. Jonathan Martínez

  • Sebastián Adames Reyes, Flute
  • David Alvarado Correa, Tuba
  • Miguel Baños Santos, Piano/ Strings Synth
  • Iván Castañer Cividanes, Trumpet
  • Jean Díaz Alonso, Trumpet
  • Gustavo Figueroa Stuart, Percussion
  • Carlos Junco, Baritone Horn
  • Félix Maldonado Osorio, Trumpet
  • Lorenzo Montano-Navarro, Alto Saxophone
  • Brian Pavón, Bass Guitar
  • Laura Ramírez Ortiz, Electric Guitar
  • John Regis Macías, Electric Guitar
  • Giovanni Rivera Carvajal, Percussion
  • Kabir Toraño Pagán, Tenor Saxophone
  • Mr. Fabián Rivera, Keyboard Percussion
  • Mr. Joel Bracero, Trumpet
  • Stage Director, Axel Serrant
  • Production Manager, Lourdeliz Ramos
  • Vocal Coaches: Mr. Rafael Hernández for Scenes 1-3, 5-15 and Mrs. Karla Santana for Scene 4
  • Musical Arrangers, Mr. Joel Bracero & Mr. Jonathan Martínez
  • Band Conductor, Mr. Jonathan Martínez
  • Backup Vocals Director, Mr. Joel Bracero
  • Sound Engineer, Mr. Henry Miranda
  • Choreographers: Mr. Edwin Colón for "Jitterbugs" and "Munchkinland"and Mr. Axel Serrant for "We're Off to See the Wizard" Duet & Trio
  • Pianist, Mrs. Karla Santana
  • Lights Designer, Mr. José Víctor Cruz
  • Makeup Artist, Mr. Ricky Diadoné
  • Set Carpenter, Mr. Noel López
  • Production Assistant, Yolanda Rodríguez
  • Propmasters: Ms. Lourdeliz Ramos, Yolanda Rodríguez, Diane Suárez, and Lia Fortuño
  • Tech Crew: Edmond Zacapa, Christian Torres, Orietta Lobo, and Yael Román
  • Stage Crew: Yolanda Rodríguez, Lia Fortuño, Laia Besalduch, Luke Pearson, Daniela Ramírez, Miranda Díaz
  • Costumes Assistants: Pablo Abreu, Hannah Colón, and Yolanda Rodríguez
  • Program Design, Lymaris Lluch
  • Program Printing, Mónica Kuilan
  • Tickets & Promotion, Michelle Yegros
  • PAC House Manager, Félix Cotto
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