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Posted 11/26/2018 10:01AM
TASIS Dorado partners to produce PPE face shields to protect against COVID 19
Posted 04/03/2020 10:27PM

To support the worldwide effort to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to health care professionals and those workers exposed to possible contagion during this crisis, The TASIS Dorado STEAM Fab Lab team and student Tomás Navedo, class of 2023, have partnered with University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture's Fab Lab to produce face shields that are being donated to those who need them.

Cristina Centeno, TASIS Dorado STEAM Fab Lab Manager and Technology Instructor with her team now is partnering with UPR Fab Lab producing 3D printed PPE face shields.

Using 3D printers and clear plastic sheets, we are producing this critical protection for health professionals in hospitals and emergency rooms plus hospitalized cancer patients and other vulnerable community workers such as the police. This week we have produced more than a hundred, and with the arrival of more materials early next week, we will continue to work to fill the more than 400 requests received! We are proud to be working to support our community on the front lines fighting against this COVID-19 virus.

To request PPE face shields for health professionals in need, please contact Ms. Susan Fiallo at We are currently receiving many requests and will provide them as quickly as possible.

TASIS Dorado 9th-grade student Tomás Navedo '23, at home with his equipment, is part of the team producing 3D printed face shields.

Surgeon Dr. Luis Bonilla using one of the 3D printed face shields

By Susan Fiallo and Michelle Yegros
Photo credits: Tomás Navedo, TASIS Dorado STEAM Fab Lab, UPR Fab Lab

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