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Posted 11/26/2018 10:01AM
Bear Tracks: Pedro A. González-Hernández '12
Posted 09/30/2020 05:54PM


Pedro A. González-Hernández '12

Pedro A. González-Hernández is a member of TASIS Dorado's great class of 2012. During his time at TASIS Dorado, he was involved in a range of athletics and extracurricular activities, including Student Council, National Honor Society, Varsity Soccer, and acted as the Master of Ceremonies for various school assemblies.

Pedro left a lasting impression on the TD community and is remembered fondly by many. As one of the first students inducted into the French Honor Society, Pedro was an ideal choice as the alumnus guest speaker during the 2015 French and Italian Honor Society induction ceremonies. His remarks proved he remained a leading force in nourishing his peers' curiosity for exploring different cultures as he was highlighted by Ana Fiallo '19 during her own alumnus speech at the 2020 FHS induction ceremony.

Upper School French teacher, Ms. Denisse Cintron shared, "I remain very impressed and proud of Pedro's parcours and all his achievements. Pedro's legacy leaves behind the importance of cultural and educational exchange, and for that I am grateful."

Dean of Students and Middle School Assistant Principal, Garrison Knapp further adds, "Pedro is among our most enthusiastic and internally motivated students to walk the halls of TASIS Dorado. During his years as a student, his goal-oriented mentality led us all to believe his accomplishments would be plentiful...Pedro has yet to disappoint! Always with a smile on his face and love for family and friends in his heart, Pedro's passion for excellence was evident both in the halls and on the field."

After TASIS Dorado, Pedro's journey took him to Northeastern University, where he majored in International Business, with a concentration in Finance and Marketing. During his college years, Pedro spent an influential academic semester in Reims, France studying at the NEOMA Business School. Then, he moved to Paris for six months where he worked at BBVA France as an Investment Banking intern and experienced the world of banking for the first time. Here, he found himself immersed in an exhilarating culture while adapting to new educational and professional environments. Feeling more mature and prepared for future challenges, Pedro returned to finish his senior year at Northeastern with an improved ability to effectively establish genuine relationships and connect with individuals across the globe.

Currently a resident of New York City, Pedro is a Corporate and Investment Banking Senior Analyst for BBVA's Global Client Coverage team. In his role as a Senior Analyst, Pedro is responsible for the relationship management of corporate and institutional U.S. based clients with both a global footprint and over $3 billion in revenue. Pedro finds great reward in his work as he is a true agent of change. He strives to think outside the box, without conforming or limiting himself to merely completing tasks. Pedro further adds, "My voice is heard when I propose non-traditional ideas that will ultimately have a positive impact on our clients. Feeling heard and appreciated is definitely something that feels rewarding and motivates me to keep pushing for more."

Pedro and his family: Brother Jaime '17, dad Pedro and mom Ligia.


What is your favorite memory of TASIS Dorado?

Listening to Cheo share his awesome anecdotes.

What advice would you offer to today's TASIS Dorado student?

Get involved in as many activities and clubs as possible in order to identify interests that you might have thought you didn't enjoy before. It will help shape you later on in your collegiate and professional careers.

COVID aside, how have your Saturday afternoons changed since being a student at TASIS Dorado?

As a TASIS Dorado student, I would go to the beach in Dorado or Condado with friends and family. Now in New York, I enjoy running in Central Park or along the Hudson River. Afterward, I enjoy eating too much food with friends!

How did TASIS Dorado help prepare you for where you are now?

TASIS helped me develop my current frame of mind: "Strive for Excellence" and never let mediocrity take place!


I'm motivated by...

making my family proud.

My biggest passion is...

traveling and exploring new cities and cultures.

If I were a superhero, my superpower would be...

to fly!

Success to me is...

being indefinitely driven and disciplined.

In my profession, it's important...

to establish genuine relationships and always be hungry for more.

Something most people don't know about me...

I appeared in a Vogue magazine in Germany.

One rule to live by...

never conform.

I am amazed by...

how things come to you when you least expect them and when you don't force them.

I feel a strong connection with...

my family and close friends.

In the future, I'd like to...

live in Switzerland.

Written by: Tara McCartney, Alumni Relations

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