THRIVE | Strategic Vision 2023-2029



Dear TASIS Dorado Community,

We are excited to unveil THRIVE: The TASIS School in Dorado’s 6-year Strategic Vision, which was adopted by the Board of Directors in May 2023. As we head towards the School’s 25th anniversary, this plan will direct our efforts through the year 2029, emphasizing improved student outcomes via specific enhancement strategies. The realization of the Strategic Plan was a yearlong community-wide effort. We extended opportunities for participation to a diverse group within our community, including students, parents, administrators, faculty, staff, and board members.

Importantly, our journey was further enriched by the expertise of Independent School Management (ISM), a trusted consulting firm known for its commendable track record in assisting independent schools to bring their distinct visions to life.

Thanks to everyone’s involvement, we’ve identified four pivotal commitments: Foster Innovative Learning, Cultivate Curiosity & Exploration, Nurture a Caring Culture, and Grow a Sustainable Future. These will be our pillars as we pursue measurable and achievable goals over the coming six years, ensuring we continually offer transformative experiences for our students and fortify our school’s legacy.

Lastly, our profound gratitude goes to the entire TASIS Dorado community. The aspirations detailed in THRIVE mirror your unwavering dedication to our institution. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with each of you to bring this vision to life.

Federico Stubbe, Jr.
President of the Board of Directors

Deborah K. Monroe
Head of School

Strategic Plan 2016-2020


Strategic Plan Summary 2016-2020

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