Our Position

At TASIS Dorado, we are blessed in many ways. The vision, courage, and generosity of our founders has resulted in a flourishing school and community with an international perspective, which we trust will outlast the current challenges we all face together.

In 14 short years, our school has grown in size and beauty even as enrollment has increased to over 750 students from PPK to 12th grade. Our campus has been enhanced most recently with the Performing Arts Center and technology has been added steadily to classrooms at all levels. Curriculum and programming have grown in scope and quality. Earlier this year, our Early Childhood Program was awarded a Program of Distinction honor, while upper school students took part in 22 AP Courses. Our students continue to gain admission to many competitive colleges and universities both abroad and on the island. TASIS Dorado students and teams have won top honors in athletics, mathematics, science and many other extracurricular activities at the national and international level. We have great reason to be proud of our students, teachers, curriculum and campus!

TASIS Dorado’s position in the community and on the island remains strong, due in part to leveraging the hallmarks that set it apart from other local schools:

1)     Student-Centered Teaching and Learning

2)     Beautiful, Serene and Safe Campus Setting

3)     Connection to our Sister Schools in Switzerland and England

4)     Award-Winning Early Childhood Program

5)     Students Graduate with Three Languages and are Rigorously Challenged and Nurtured

6)     Vibrant School Culture in a Modern Physical Plant with Latest Technology

It is from this position of strength – our drive for continual improvement and recognition that  our needs are always evolving – that the strategic-planning committees sought to further raise the bar. Equally important, the world is increasingly complex, technology is accelerating change and global connections are a necessity. Educational approaches that were effective in the past will need to adjust for the future. To prepare our students for these new demands, we must be flexible, responsive and adaptable. Our commitment as a school remains firm to deliver on our mission with passion, joy and love. So, in the spirit of academic excellence, development of the whole child, the strength of our PPK-12 community, and recognition that the School’s culture and environment are valued, we embark on our Strategic Plan 2016- 2020. The strategic planning process has allowed us to articulate who we are and whom we serve, and move us forward. I am enormously grateful to all those who have contributed to this plan and for the constant care and support of our entire community! Together, we will achieve these ambitious goals and help our students pursue their dreams!


Tim Howard, Headmaster

Our Committees

Our Committees

Tim Howard, Headmaster

Fernando González, President of the Board of Directors



Jovita Casanova, Co-Chair, Administration
Michelle Yegros, Co-Chair, Administration
Jorge González, Board Director
Pamela Haase, Parent
Cristi Inclán, Parent, HSA President
Brenda Kreisher, Parent
Alannah Prats, Faculty, Parent
Ashley Weihe, Faculty


Maribel Suárez, Co-Chair, Administration
Lucía Martín, Co-Chair, Administration
Melissa Arroyo, Faculty, Parent
Terry Bava, Faculty, Alumni Parent
Patrick De Man, Parent
Susan Fortuño, Parent
Cynthia Paris, Faculty
Mariela Reyes, Faculty, Parent
Ceciliana Stubbe, Board Director, Parent



Susan Fiallo, Chair, Administration
Fernando González, Board President
Betzaida García, Parent, TPA President
Alberto Maysonet, Faculty, Parent
Ursula Muldoon, Parent, Alumni Parent   
Tim Proskauer, Parent
Karen Scalley, Parent     
Tamara Texidor, Faculty, Parent


Jennifer Andreu, Chair, Administration
Andrea Crikelair, Parent
Carlos Delgado, Parent
Michelle Latour, F aculty, Parent
Jose Menéndez-Cortada, Board Member
Ana Molina, Faculty, Parent
Melissa Neugebauer, Parent
Jaime Ramírez, Faculty, Parent
Kristin Zebrowski, Parent



Cristina Castro, Chair, Parent
Luís Camacho, Faculty, Parent
Carlos “Papito” Díaz, Parent
Ana Fiallo, Student
Maritere Matosantos, Principal, Board Director
Beatriz Ramírez, Faculty, Parent
Lori Reyes, HSA Board, Parent
Alessandro Rivera, Student
Karla Santana, Faculty
Jacki Sierra, Parent


Garrison Knapp, Chair, Administration
Eduardo Cortés, Board Member
Leslie Cortés, Parent
Rosalyn Díaz, Parent
Micki García, Parent
Eduardo Márquez, Faculty
Ramon Martínez, Engineer
Pedro Pérez, Parent
Lourdes Rosa, Faculty, Parent



Federico Stubbe, Chair, Board Director, Parent
Lorna Abernathy, Parent
Luís Cruz, Business Manager
Viviana Daubón, Faculty
Jörg Flachowsky, Parent
Michael Flaherty, Parent
Fernando González, Board President
Tim Howard, Headmaster
Josely Vega, Parent

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