Ceiba Donor Recognition Tree

Leave a legacy by giving a gift to the Ceiba Tree which benefits the TASIS Dorado Fund.

The Ceiba Tree sculpture, which recognizes many of our generous donors and honors former students, was installed in 2016 outside of the Louis R. Christiansen Performing Arts Center (PAC). Created by renowned Puerto Rican artist Eric Tabales, “Nuestra Ceiba” Donor Recognition Tree invites the TASIS Dorado community to make a gift to benefit the TASIS Dorado Fund.

Leaves, wood branches, and trunk pieces can be engraved in recognition of a student, loved one, or family; to promote a business or cause; to honor a class, team, club, or group; or to share a unique message.

The Ceiba Tree “grows” new leaves each year serving as a permanent record of those who passed through our hallowed halls, as well as those who have made generous contributions to benefit future generations of TASIS Dorado. Community members are invited to spread the tree’s canopy or sponsor a wood piece and, in the process, help give the gift of education.

Order Process

Step 1: Determine Your Leaf Size and Message

  • 9 inches - 110 characters, $750.00 (bronze color)

  • 7 inches - 70 characters, $500.00 (silver color)

  • 5 inches - 40 characters, $250.00 (gold color)

Step 2: Order & Pay for Your Leaf 

  • Click Ceiba Leaf Order Form below and follow steps in the form to submit your order.


Step 3: Confirmation

  • You will receive an email or a phone call from Gildren Bengoa confirming your order is complete.

For questions, please contact Gildren Bengoa, Director of Institutional Development, at 787-796-0440 ext. 222 or bengoa.g@tasisdorado.com 

Wooden branches or trunk pieces

Please contact Gildren Bengoa, Director of Institutional Development, at 787-796-0440 ext. 222 or bengoa.g@tasisdorado.com to determine availability, pricing, and other details.


Thank You Sponsors!

Pink Diamond Sponsors
Gifts above $20,000

  • Domenech Ferraiuoli Family          
  • Vázquez Henríquez Family 

Blue Diamond Sponsors
Gifts between $15,000 and $19,999

  • Carlson Family 

Diamond Sponsors
Gifts between $10,000 and $14,999

  • González Frontera Family
  • Manatí Medical Center          
  • Matosantos González Family
  • Pagán Pagán Family         
  • Trápaga Family          
  • Universal Group 

Ruby Sponsors
Gifts between $5,000 and $9,999

  • Agarwal Family
  • Banco Popular de Puerto Rico          
  • Calixto Family           
  • Casanova Family
  • Delgado García Family           
  • Econo          
  • Fiallo Family
  • First Medical Health Plan, Inc.          
  • Fernando González
  • Neugebauer Family          
  • Puerto Rico Children’s Hospital          
  • Sainz Family
  • Stratton Family          
  • Rivera Ferraiuoli Family          
  • Vélez Kornitskaya Family
  • Robert Zhang and Jenny Choy

Sapphire Sponsors
Gifts between $2,500 and $4,999

  • Anchía Family          
  • Burger King          
  • Emanuelli Cotto Family         
  • Espinosa Ochoa Family         
  • Holsum          
  • Luzio Family
  • Martínez-Álvarez González Family         
  • Ortega Martínez Family          
  • Pantoja Family
  • Ramírez-Berríos Family
  • Rodríguez Villarmarzo Family  
  • Santos Gil Family       
  • Sierra Family          
  • Solares Family
  • Sun West          
  • Sung Family           
  • Watkins Family

Opal Sponsors
Gifts between $750 and $999

  • Abernathy Family          
  • Abreu López Family          
  • Bonilla Díaz Family
  • Colón Silva Family          
  • Hernández Echegaray Family          
  • Howard Family
  • Alfredo and Ileana Martínez-Álvarez
  • Medina González Family         
  • Maldonado Osorio Family         
  • Rivera Hernández Family
  • Rosselló Colón Family          
  • Rovira Cruz Family
Emerald Sponsors

Gifts between $1,000 and $2,499

  • Albors Family        
  • Broco Rivera Family        
  • Cabanillas Family        
  • Cacho Machado Family
  • Cortés Sumaza Family          
  • Crikelair Family          
  • de Man Family
  • Descartes López Family          
  • Fernández Rodríguez Family          
  • García Estremera Family
  • García Navas Family          
  • González Frontera Family          
  • Goveo Lounsberry Family
  • Inclán Rodríguez Family          
  • Melecio Family          
  • Méndez Colón Family
  • Mendoza Dávila Family          
  • Nardone Guerra Family          
  • Peraza Díaz Family
  • Pharma-Bio Serv          
  • Puig Stubbe Family         
  • Rivera Aguilar Family
  • Rivera Díaz Family          
  • Rodríguez Rodríguez Family          
  • Robles Romo Family          
  • Soto Montalvo Family         
  • Soto Rodríguez Family        
  • Celeste Suris         
  • Toraño Pagán Family
Pearl Sponsors

Gifts between $500 and $699

  • Alegría Maldonado Family          
  • Alvarado Family          
  • Louis Christiansen           
  • Colón Family
  • Cortés Maas Family          
  • García Nolla Family          
  • López Ruíz Family          
  • Mejía Valle Family
  • Pérez Torrellas Family         
  • Ramos Acevedo Family         
  • Regis Family         
  • Rodríguez Aquino Family
  • Seda Pérez Family          
  • Torres Urrutia Family
Gifts above $250

  • Juan Adames and Johanna Baena-Rivero
  • Lillian Aponte
  • Roberto Bachman and Jossette Rodríguez
  • Anthony and Terry Bava
  • Timothy and María Beckett
  • Ricardo Blanco and Brigitte Krumhansl
  • Luís Bou and Lillian Padilla
  • Carlos Castañeda and Laura del Cuadro
  • Ivan Castañer and Carmen Cividanes-Lago
  • Alex Colón and Lisa García
  • Miguel and Ivelisse Cordovés
  • Eduardo Cortés and Cristina Castro
  • Familia Cortés González
  • Joel and Karla Cruz
  • Luís Cruz and Luz Muñiz
  • José Encarnación and Milagros Cortés
  • Luís Fajardo and Sandra Gómez
  • Michael and Sarah Flaherty
  • Jaime and Susan Fortuño
  • Garrett and Kristin Fuller
  • Hector García and María Cruz
  • Jorge and Micki García
  • Winston González and Myrna Rodríguez
  • Antonio Hernández and Yesenia López
  • Steven Kreisher and Brenda Bibiloni
  • Familia López León
  • Luís and Lillian Marini
  • Félix and Wanda Márquez
  • Mari Marrero
  • Paul and Elva Martin
  • Michael Mateo and Sandra Ramos
  • Alberto Miranda and Jennifer Cancio 
  • Marco Miranda and Julietta Fragoso
  • Hans Moll
  • Raúl Monteagudo and Milagros Santos
  • Salvador Muñiz and Aileen Navas-Auger
  • Thomas and Rosalie Navedo
  • Antonio Pérez and Alice Maldonado
  • Arnaldo Pérez and Lucía Martín
  • Edward Pérez and Sheila Negrón
  • Enrique Pérez and Sandra Vázquez
  • Pedro Pérez and Nanette Lugo
  • Javier Pietrantoni and Pili Rodríguez
  • Paride Pizzingrilli and Serena Angius
  • Juan Carlos and Becky Portela
  • Humberto Quintana and Lymaris Lluch
  • Jaime and Sara Ramírez
  • Onix Reyes and Blanca Salas
  • Fernando Rivera and Cristina Rivera
  • Héctor Rivera and Marisol Rivera
  • José Rivera and Elizabeth Rivera
  • Timothy Roach and Bethsaira Castro
  • Pepe Rodriguez de Liebana and Vivian Vázquez
  • Victor Rodríguez and Joanne Alicea
  • Christopher and Concetta Sabol
  • Luís and Auricelli Santiago
  • José Santos and Wynee Gil
  • Sara Sanz
  • Roberto and Christine Schröder
  • Armando Semprit and Nitza Serrano
  • John Sepúlveda and Carmen Goss
  • Xavier Serra and Esther Bafalluy
  • David Soler and Eva Jové
  • Julio Torres and Kelly Pérez
  • Geraldine Toste
  • José Vega and Bettina Mercado
  • Luís Vélez and Jenifer Hernández
  • Robert Williams
  • David and Heather Willis
In-Kind Sponsors

  • Bacardí          
  • Coca Cola          
  • Los Muchachos Catering          
  • Martin Printing
  • Plaza Cellars          
  • Sin Prisa Band          
  • Space Contemporary Art Gallery          
  • Sun Colors          
  • Teamworx

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