For Spring Break 2020 and the near future

TASIS Dorado strongly discourages personal travel outside the island.

  • Any traveler arriving back to Puerto Rico must:
  • Complete this confidential health form
    • Prior to your return, and
    • You may need to self-isolate in accordance with guidance from TASIS Dorado and your PCP. Most self-isolation will last a minimum of 14 days.
    • These requirements will be imposed for anyone traveling in the coming weeks. 

TASIS Dorado Travel Survey

This form should only be completed if you have recently outside Puerto Rico.

All information will be kept confidential.

CDC Update Information for Travel

Self-isolation Definition

If you have been advised to self-isolate, please do so for 14 days before returning to classes or work. 

Self-isolation means: 

  • Remain at your residence.
  • Do not attend class, work, and other group gatherings such as:
      • social events
      • play dates
      • meetings
      • rehearsals
      • team practices, etc.  

If this presents logistical challenges, please discuss it with the Elementary or Upper School principal.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Dulce Medina, School Nurse, at 787-796-0440.

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