Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any confirmed cases of the COVID-19 at TASIS Dorado?

No, there are no confirmed cases. There was a rumored case that proved to be false.

Is TASIS Dorado planning to close and moving to a Distance Learning format?

Yes. TASIS Dorado has drafted a Continuity of Learning Plan, commonly known as Distance Learning. In anticipation of this scenario, our team has spent considerable effort in developing a full distance-learning concept. Our numerous digital resources allow us to remotely offer a variety of instructional experiences in order to maintain academic continuity and maintenance of skills. Fortunately, our students are already familiar with these technology tools, including those offered by Google Apps for Education, and should readily be able to engage in these activities. We have prepared training for our faculty on how to effectively approach distance learning while integrating these tools.

We are tentatively planning to reopen on Monday, March 30, but will not make a final decision until closer to that date, depending on advice from the CDC and directives from the government. As of this writing, the school will NOT be open Tuesday and Wednesday for students to collect their books and materials.

Additionally, the newly created “TASIS Dorado Distance Learning Hub” will officially launch and the link will be sent to you on Tuesday, March 17 afternoon.


  • March 17-27: School closed
  • March 17: Teacher Distance Learning (DL) Training
  • March 17: TASIS Dorado Distance Learning Hub launches (link will be sent by email in the afternoon)
  • March 30: School opens (tentatively)

Which school activities are being canceled or postponed?

Postponed Activities:

  • PRHSAA Youth Girls’ Basketball Finals
  • 11th grade Overnight Trip
  • 10th Grade Class Day
  • Peter Pan Jr. rehearsals and musical performance
  • 5th Grade Parent Meeting
  • Beta Club’s Dodgeball Tournament
  • All Spring Sports, including try-outs, practices, and competitions
  • After School Classes (VAPA), Clinics and ABC
  • After-school tutoring and therapy sessions

What is the School’s policy regarding students, parents, faculty, and staff members who have traveled?

TASIS Dorado strongly discourages personal travel outside the island.

  • Any traveler arriving back to Puerto Rico must:
  • Complete this confidential health form
    • Prior to your return, and
    • You may need to self-isolate in accordance with guidance from TASIS Dorado and your primary care provider. Most self-isolation will last a minimum of 14 days.
    • These requirements will be imposed for anyone traveling in the coming weeks. 


How will the teacher communicate with the students?

The teacher's main source of communication will be through Google Classroom. All Google Classroom posts also sends an email to our students (6th-12th). Additionally, teachers will share information regarding assignments to parents using the email system through Veracross. Veracross will also show assignments, grades, due dates, etc. through the Parent Portal.

How should my child start online learning each day?

It is important that each student has a healthy breakfast before starting a day of learning! When it is time for class each day, students are required to log-in to Google Classroom and visit that class page. There, the teacher will post info regarding assignments, live sessions, course content, deadlines, etc.

Who should I contact if my child is not sure about an assignment?

The main point of contact is your child's teacher. You should contact them directly through email.

What about grades and teacher feedback?

During this distance learning period, all assignments will be PASS/FAIL. Our students will have access to all course resources, the internet, and classmate communication, which will help solidify understanding of new content and reinforcement of previously learned concepts. We anticipate our students will be successful during this time and demonstrate their understanding of the course material that is presented. Despite grades being temporarily shifted to PASS/FAIL, our teachers will remain diligent in providing students with frequent, targeted feedback to promote understanding and foster academic growth in the same timely manner as when we were in the classrooms.

How can I know what my child is doing in Google Classroom?

You can be invited as a "Guardian" to see your child's Google Classroom classes. Once you are added, you are able to receive weekly or daily summaries of what your child is doing in Google Classroom!

What should I do if my child has log-in difficulties for Google Classroom or other sites?

For Google Classroom issues, you should contact our tech support (email: and also copy your division principal ( for elementary & for secondary). If having an issue logging in to another digital resource assigned by the teacher, please contact them directly by email to explain the situation.

Should parents schedule study groups and/or play dates?

As a school, we cannot restrict either activity. However, we strongly encourage our families to limit group interactions and similar activities that could potentially lead to the spread of germs. As always, especially under the current circumstances, safety must be our top priority! However, students are able to collaborate digitally using Google Apps for Education. They can work together on a document, presentation, or share ideas about a topic on Google Classroom.

What should I do if my child is frustrated and/or does not understand an assignment?

The first thing to do is take a break from the assignment. This is a new experience for everyone, and we may encounter some bumps along the way. If your child is struggling with a task, please contact the teacher and wait for guidance before going back to that assignment. Our older students are encouraged to self-advocate and contact the teacher directly. Overall, flexibility and patience will be key for all of us as we navigate this new learning plan.

How can I share what my child is doing at home?



  • Using Instagram Stories, take a picture and add a short caption.

  • Tag your class (ex: @tdclassof2027) on Instagram Stories

  • Tag @tdelementary and @tasisdorado

  • Add a hashtag like #TDDistanceLearning #TDStrong #TDVirtualBears

Who should I contact if I have questions/issues regarding TD Distance Learning?

Adapting to the distance learning method can be a bit difficult and you might find yourself with some questions or concerns. Please know that we are here to help and support you through the process. Keep a positive attitude and take on the experience as a new, innovative challenge!

The best way to get in touch with your Division Teams is to email the following addresses:

  • Video Tutorials

  • Unsure about an assignment, contact the teacher!

  • If you do not have a device available for your 3rd-5th grade child, contact James McCartney (, elementary principal to discuss arrangements to borrow a school device.

  • Did your student forget their Google Classroom/Google Drive password? Click here: Reset Student Google Password Form

Please be patient. As we are receiving numerous messages per hour and really want to make sure we offer you the best and most accurate answers.

Thank you so much and we hope to see you soon.

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