TASIS Dorado Digital Resources

All of our digital tools are cloud-based, which means they are accessible anywhere that has internet connectivity. The tools we will leverage for this plan are the same that we utilize on a daily basis. For this reason, they will be familiar to students, teachers, and parents. Digital tools that will support the foundation of our plan include:

● Internet Connectivity

Veracross Parent Portal - Grade posting, assignment posting, etc.

● Veracross Email & SMS/Text Message -  The primary tools for parent communication, emergency notifications, updates, etc.

● Google Classroom

○ This platform is our primary Learning Management System (LMS), and it is the location where teachers and students will asynchronously interact.
○ Teachers will announce assignments (also posted in Veracross), students will access content, and classmates will interact by posting to the discussions.
○ This platform is secure to our school’s domain and directly monitored by our teachers.
○ Our students have been using this for the past several years and are very familiar with the interface.

● Google Apps for Education/Google Suite (including Gmail, Docs, Classroom, Meet, etc.) - Will continue to be primary resources for students & teachers.

● Digital Textbooks - Secondary Division/Course Specific

● Membeam, Freckle, Raz Kids/Reading A-Z, Newsela, Readworks, Khan Academy, Brain Pop, etc.

○ These are some of the many instructional resources our students are familiar with and will use to support their continued learning.
○ Students will not be assigned tasks using resources they have not used in class.

● TASIS Dorado Website - General information

● TASIS Social Media - Our social media channels will be utilized as a secondary resource for communication. They will not be the only means of communication, but they will be used to draw attention to information sent via Veracross e-mail and/or SMS/Text Message.


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