Student Fundraising


All fundraising at school at TASIS Dorado requires the approval of the Dean of Students in collaboration with the Director of Advancement and the Head of School. Such approval is required because:

1. Coordination of all fundraising activities is critical in order for the school’s funding priorities to be met and to assure that the school’s patrons are not overly solicited.

2. The methodology of each fundraising activity should be well-thought-out and conducted in a manner which is consistent with the mission and values of TASIS Dorado.

3. The purpose of the activity should be sound both in terms of the school’s needs and in terms of the non-profit which is being supported.

For the purposes of this policy, fundraising is defined as any activity in which cash, goods, or services are to be solicited from individuals, corporations, or businesses by members of the school community and with which the school’s name will be associated.


All proposed fundraising projects must be developed with the approval of the School’s Administration as part of community service programs in each division or to support the goals of the TPA, graduating classes, or strategic initiatives of the school. In the Middle & High Schools, one community service “theme” or project will be developed in each grade level each year. In the Lower School, one project for the whole division will be developed each year. Projects and themes will be designed within the “Criteria for Support” as outlined below and will be subject to periodic review for impact and effectiveness.

  • Fundraising activities resulting from and supporting the above projects, e.g., canned food drives, clothing drives, bakes sales, etc., must be approved by the Dean of Students according to the deadlines below.
  • No fundraising for school programs, including clubs, trips, etc will be approved unless it is part of a board-supported program such as annual giving or a capital campaign. 
  • In fundraising events where a sponsor is solicited and or net proceeds exceed $5,000, 10% of those proceeds will be apportioned to the TASIS Dorado Annual Fund.
Criteria for Support 

Not-for-profit organizations that are proposed to be supported by student, faculty, or parent-led fundraising activities should meet certain requirements prior to approval:

a. They should possess legitimate non-profit status

b. Their organizational mission should be compatible with the mission and values of TASIS Dorado.

The following are examples of organizations or characteristics of organizational missions that do not qualify for sponsorship by school groups:

a. Churches, synagogues, mosques, etc.

b. Faith-based organizations that proselytize

c. Groups that discriminate based on race or ethnicity

d. Political Action Committee and other specifically partisan political organizations

e. Groups who do not disclose their financial information through or the Foundation

Center or for whom there is no other reliable information


For the purpose of seeking approval for any and all fundraising activities related to community service, a proposal must be submitted to the Dean of Students at least two weeks before the event and preferably 3-4 weeks in advance. In rare cases, activities will be approved if submitted less than two weeks before the event or activity is scheduled. 

The Office of Advancement and the Dean of Students will maintain a calendar of all fundraising efforts to ensure that such endeavors do not conflict/compete in terms of timing and to ensure that the community is not inundated with competing fundraising requests.

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