2020 TASIS Dorado IRONBEAR Challenge

TD IRONBEAR 30x30 Challenge surpasses fundraising goal and exceeds expectations

2020 brought a great deal of adversity not only for Puerto Rico but across the globe. Starting in early January, a series of earthquakes rocked the southern part of the Island but was shortly overshadowed by the global pandemic sending all of Puerto Rico into lockdown by mid-March. Schools were forced to educate from a distance through virtual learning programs, subsequently halting all traditional school activity, including our fundraising efforts.   

August 2020 brought a sense of renewed strength as we entered the 2020-21 school year with the reminder that the TD community is STRONG ALONE, but UNSTOPPABLE TOGETHER! With our fundraising efforts on hold since the start of the pandemic, it was time to both rethink and revitalize our fundraising strategy in a virtual world. Our students, faculty, staff, parents, and the greater TD community were suffering from a decrease in both physical activity and social interactions, making it clear that TD Bears were ready to come together -- virtually -- to be active, build school spirit, and make progress on our push towards the $3 million fundraising goal. Ultimately, this led to the virtual TD IRONBEAR 30x30 Challenge, which invited our community to be active for 30 minutes a day for 30 days to improve, grow, and maintain our commitment to excellence despite unprecedented circumstances.

Throughout the Challenge, we marveled as students, parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of TASIS Dorado came together to reach personal fitness goals while raising funds in support of our Capital Campaign for the Wellness & Athletics Center. During unprecedented times, the IRONBEAR Challenge not only revitalized our fundraising efforts but also further solidified our commitment to being a world-class school that transforms lives. 

ASTOUNDING RESULTS: From mid-October to mid-November 2020, 310 participants across 34 teams engaged in daily physical activity and recorded 84,000 fitness minutes in a 30 day period. Additionally, participants and supporters raised a total of $114,336 across 317 donations, including a $25,000 match campaign, all to benefit the Wellness & Athletics Center. 

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all who made the TD IRONBEAR 2020 a monumental success, especially the members of the IRONBEAR and Parent Committees. We are grateful for your unwavering commitment and dedication, which further proves we are UNSTOPPABLE Together.

Learn more about our TD IRONBEAR success story. 

IRONBEAR Committee:

Betzaida García, Institutional Development Chair, Board of Directors
Gildren Bengoa, Director of Institutional Advancement
Michelle Yegros, Director of Marketing and Communications
Tara McCartney, Alumni Relations 

Parent Committee:

Geraldine Colon
Megan Gupta
Beatriz Martinez
Elizabeth Smith

About the Future Wellness & Athletics Center

This new facility will lay the foundation for years of exciting competition and personal growth while inviting our community to embrace and maintain a healthy lifestyle focused on nutrition, physical activity, and mental health. The Wellness & Athletics Center will provide state-of-the-art facilities where our students can further develop their leadership skills and cultivate important life skills, including discipline, teamwork, resilience, sportsmanship, and humility. It is a goal of the Wellness Program to have every graduate leave TASIS Dorado with a desire to lead a rewarding and active life.

The venue will feature a gymnasium with A/C, a rock climbing wall, physical fitness facilities, courts for basketball, volleyball, and futsal, as well as a dedicated space for our Wellness Program. An upgrade of surrounding areas is also part of the greater plan with a revitalized soccer field with a turf surface, track & field facilities, and two new playgrounds.


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