At TASIS Dorado, we take pride in our school's colors, emblems, and mascot, and expect students to embrace this sentiment while wearing their uniform. Our school clothing, while comfortable, should be neat and respectful, reflecting our values of personal and academic excellence. 

The dress code is checked daily, with any violations reported to elementary or secondary division leadership. Students who violate the uniform guidelines will be required to change into the appropriate uniform before returning to the classroom. Repeated violations of the uniform policy will result in a formal disciplinary response.

All TASIS Dorado students are required to wear our Lands’ End school uniform appropriate for the grade level and activity. Below is important information regarding our school uniform policy and expectations. 

General Guidelines

  • Lands' End is the exclusive uniform provider for TASIS Dorado formal, regular, and PE uniform options. All uniform items must be purchased from this retail provider. To help keep costs down, our families are encouraged to take advantage of ongoing discounts at Lands’ End.
    • TASIS Dorado School Code 900125584
  • All aspects of the daily school uniform should fit well and look neat at all times. 
  • Skirts, skorts, shorts, and pants must be the appropriate length, no shorter than two inches above the knee.
  • NEW for 2024-25, Secondary students, Grades 6-12 ONLY TASIS Dorado Formal Uniform is to be worn on F-Days, now referred to as Formal Days.
    • Grades 6-12 F-Daysare now Formal Days for all students in grades 6-12 and require the use of Oxford shirts; see further information by clicking Middle & High School button below.
  • TASIS Dorado Regular Uniform is to be worn on non-PE days.
  • TASIS Dorado PE Uniform is to be worn on scheduled PE days.

EVERY Friday is designated Spirit Days for Grades PPK to 12. Students may wear an approved TASIS Dorado spirit gear or club shirt with formal or PE uniform skirts, skorts, shorts, or pants.  

Uniform Detail by School Level

Click the appropriate button below for specifics on each school level:

Contact Tara McCartney in the Advancement Office, mccartney.t@tasisdorado.com

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