2022 PPK-PK Bear Trek's Invention Playground

DATES: June 6 to July 1, 2022

Join us this summer at TASIS Dorado to experience endless ways to get hands-on with invention education through our Bear Trek Program (PPK-PK)

Camp activities are offered Monday to Friday starting June 6 through July 1, 2021, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Due to COVID restrictions, morning and extended care will NOT be provided.


  • Week 1: June 6-10  Pod Pals Cruise the Galaxy 
  • Week 2: June 13-17  Shake, Rattle & Roll
  • Week 3: June 20-24  Zoom Where Innovation Begins
  • Week 4: June 27 - July 1 The Mystery Present


  • $350 Weekly
  • Students who enroll in the 4-week program will receive a $100 discount from the total amount


Lunch, two snacks, two t-shirts, insurance, and all materials for activities.


Registration is now closed, if you wish to be included in our waiting list, please contact Viviana Daubón daubon.v@tasisdorado.com.



Bear Trek, Grades PPK-PK

Bear Trek is a preschool program that fosters the inventive spirit in our youngest campers. Channeling natural curiosity with fun, innovative curricula, this program provides a strong foundation for lifelong STEM learning.



Here's what an action-packed day looks like with Bear Trek Invention Playground

A.M. Base Camp

Drop off your camper with their teacher, and they'll start each day with games that encourage socialization, motor skill development, and creativity.

Morning Activity

Campers will discover the week's theme through a variety of activities that sparks the child's curiosity. We will keep your child active, engaged and promote their creative thinking.

Games, Lunch & Quiet Time

Half of the campers head outside to play while others eat their lunch. Then they switch! Afterward, they will have quiet time (nap or quiet activity) to recharge. 

Afternoon Activities

A period for other activities such as arts, dance, sports, games, water activities, pool visits, and much more fun! 

P.M. Base Camp

The day wraps up as campers wind down with playground invention games. When you sign out your camper, they'll tell you just how much fun they had at Invention Playground!

Invention Playground Modules

Week 1: June 6-10

Pod Pals Cruise The Galaxy

Intergalactic exploration and fuzzy, funny creatures called Pod Pals challenge campers to explore concepts like gravity and learn how to build super-tall, super-strong towers.

Key Concepts & Skills: innovation, build

Week 2: June 13-17

Shake Rattle & Roll

Science of sound is introduced through vibrations and sound waves. Campers learn how to invent through play as they engage in fun and interactive games with specialized sound locations - their ears!

Key Concepts & Skills: fine-tune listening, memory

Week 3: June 20-24

Zoom: Where Innovation Begins

Campers start by exploring the depths of the ocean. Then, campers zoom-out to discover what it’s like to be a chemist, a veterinarian, an architect, and a rocket-scientist.

Key Concepts & Skills: exploration, innovative thinking

Week 4: June 27 - July 1

Mystery Present

Campers receive five exciting clues to help them unlock the secret of the Mystery Present through buoyancy, circuitry, and the science of bubbles.

Key Concepts & Skills: build and discover, problem-solving

Contact Summer Programs
Viviana Daubón
Director of Summer Programs
787-796-0440 Ext 221

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