Signature Programs

TASIS Dorado offers a variety of signature programs to further enrich the student experience. Such programs include the Global Online Academy, Innovative Sciences, Leadership Academy & Development, and Exploration Days.

Global Online Academy

Bringing the world to TASIS Dorado and TASIS Dorado to the world

2022-23 marked TASIS Dorado’s initial year as a member of the Global Online Academy (GOA), an elite consortium of over 130 top-rated private schools across 30 countries that provides accredited upper school courses amplifying passion-driven learning. 

Through this membership, TASIS Dorado leverages a powerful global network of leading institutions and its collective resources to amplify passion-driven learning for our high school students through unique elective course offerings. Our teachers also have opportunities to enrich their instructional practices with access to leading thinkers and innovative educators. Joining the GOA is a key step in bringing the world to TASIS Dorado and TASIS Dorado to the world. 

Unique spaces in the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning, such as the Virtual and Flex Classrooms and Virtual Teaching Pods, are instrumental in leveraging this partnership.

Some of the innovative coursework available: Business Problem Solving • Intro to Branding & Marketing • Intro to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency • Computer Science: Game Design • Intro to Artificial Intelligence • Bioethics • Global Health • Problem-Solving with Engineering & Design • Graphic Design • Filmmaking • Arts Entrepreneurship • International Relations • Intro to Legal Thinking • Multivariable Calculus • Linear Algebra • Organic Chemistry • Neuropsychology

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Leadership Academy

A new Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program provides students in grades 3 to 12 with skills and opportunities for personal growth and future success, ultimately encouraging high school students to apply to the TASIS Dorado Leadership Academy, a Stubbe family legacy program. 

The Leadership Academy is a program designed to elevate and refine the leadership qualities of selected students in their sophomore and junior years. During the program's first phase, sophomore members identify strengths, recognize essential goals, and explore and apply design thinking, while establishing a foundation of leadership skills and self-awareness.

In the summer between sophomore and junior years, students travel abroad to explore a global issue while leveraging their acquired skills at the Global Leadership Summit in Berlin, Germany. Throughout junior year, students receive career learning opportunities and focus on a capstone project using design-thinking to tackle real-world problems.

Innovation Sciences

TASIS Dorado's Innovation Sciences Department inspires students to become innovative problem-solvers, dynamic collaborators, and committed difference-makers.

Starting in pre-kindergarten, students explore innovative sciences, including coding, robotics, and STEM concepts that grow in complexity each year. 

Once in the Secondary Division, our hands-on approach is highlighted by our MIT Fab Lab and computer science lab, which are unique learning spaces promoting collaboration and concept exploration.

All students can engage in research & design thinking projects, and our secondary students may enroll in computer science courses with coding meeting our third language requirement. Overall, our students learn how to leverage technology with systematic problem-solving as conscientious digital citizens who want to positively impact the world around them.

Secondary courses include Fab Lab, Researching and Engineering, Intro to Computer Science, Advanced Python Programming, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science, and Machine Learning.


TASIS Dorado's Fab Lab allows students to invent, create, solve problems, understand the engineering design process, and turn their ideas into reality. 

Students gain experience with the latest technology while developing research, design, and creative problem-solving skills. Our lab provides the means and support for students to design, prototype, and test their ideas using high-tech technology and low-tech tools.

Equipment provided in the Fab Lab includes a laser cutter, desktop CNC milling machines, 3D scanners, and two types of 3d printers. We also have a lounge area for idea development, brainstorming, and consulting. The equipment and space at Fab Lab TASIS Dorado are open for student, teacher, classroom, and community use.

Exploration Days

Exploration Days, typically held in December for Middle School and January for Upper School, are carefully crafted seminars designed to help students discover new areas of interest through active and creative hands-on experiences. These seminars occur both on and off campus offering unique opportunities to explore topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership and team-building, the environment, personal health and wellness, architecture, graphic design, eco-wellness, finance and investing, and medical specialties. 

In addition to local experiences and on-campus seminars, TASIS Dorado offers an array of exciting educational Exploration trips for students in Grades 9 to 12. These trips enhance student learning experiences beyond the classroom and are essential to a comprehensive education, allowing students to explore and engage with the world around them. Strategically planned itineraries with reputable travel agencies offer a range of destinations and activities, providing unique and enriching experiences that complement the academic experience. Additionally, experienced and knowledgeable teachers accompany the students throughout the trips, providing guidance and facilitating interactive learning experiences.

Examples of Exploration trips include:

  1. The Health Sciences Tour in Scotland & England
  2. Theatre, Music & Arts Cultural New York City Experience
  3. Ecology Project International in Belize
  4. Literature Experience in Ireland & England
  5. The Science Around Us in Portugal & Spain

These educational trips leave a lasting impact on our student's academic and personal growth. At the same time, the hands-on experiences, cultural exchanges, and unique learning opportunities broaden their horizons and create cherished memories.

TASIS Connection

TASIS Dorado offers a vibrant global experience and a unique chance to participate in exchange programs with our sister schools, TASIS Switzerland, TASIS England, and TASIS Portugal, as well as valuable opportunities for purposeful service-learning experiences through the Global Service Exchange Program:

  • Global Service Program
  • Academic Exchange Program
  • Sports Exchange Program
  • Les Tapies Summer Art Program (France)
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