Social-Emotional Learning

Building student character is as important to our Mission as building strong academic skills.  TASIS Dorado integrates character building through dedicated programs including community service initiatives, the Responsive Classroom approach for elementary students, and The Social Institute program for secondary students. 

Lessons are dedicated to teach elementary students about core concepts such as caring, empathy, bravery, and resilience. Seminars on important social-emotional learning topics are provided for students in the secondary level to support good decision-making, and parents are regularly invited to presentations on topics that support healthy and strong families. 

Counseling Support Services

TASIS Dorado school counselors are available to students, faculty, and parents across all levels of our school. Students experiencing academic or personal difficulties may be referred to a counselor. Students are also free to consult a counselor for assistance with new school transitions, coping skills, communication skills, and conflict resolution skills. TASIS Dorado firmly supports an anti-bullying campaign, and students may confidently and confidentially discuss concerns with a counselor.

Parents or faculty members may, at any point during the academic year, raise concerns about a student and request a consultation involving the student, parents, faculty, and an administrator or counselor. Qualified educational diagnosticians refer to a formal assessment of learning differences. Upon receipt of a completed psycho-educational evaluation, the administration will advise on developing appropriate educational programming.

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