Summer 2024 & Academic Year 2024-25



How to Order Books for Summer 2024 Reading and Academic Year 2024-25

Below are the steps for ordering books:

1. Go to the Book List (at the bottom of this page) of your student's grade level and identify the books and platforms they need for their summer and school year courses. Foreign Language and AP courses are on separate pages. (If a course your student is taking does not appear on any list, then no book or platform is required.)

2. Make a book list of 2024-25 academic courses. We have provided a basic list per grade to guide you through this process. As some course enrollments may not be confirmed until June or later, order only the items you know for sure, you can order later when pending courses are confirmed. You'll need the list as a reference when ordering at the bookstore. Note which ones say they are distributed by TASIS Dorado. Those items will be assigned to students in August and charged to your account; you do not need to do anything to request or order those items. 

3. Summer Reading. At the bottom of this page, lists of summer reading are outlined for grades K-12. All books can all be found at Libreria Contemporanea by grade level.

Online ordering begins May 15, but books can also be purchased by visiting one of their stores or ordering over the phone before that date.

4. Visit TASIS Dorado's page on Libreria Contemporánea website, and find your student's grade level. AP and Foreign Language course books are on separate pages here as well.

5Select the materials you need from the list you made and process your order. (Note: as stated above, some items are provided by TASIS Dorado in August. Membean, SSL platforms, and certain AP books will be provided and student accounts will be charged at that time. Libreria Contemporánea will not provide these items.)

6. Choose your delivery option: shipped to your home or store pickup.

***Remember to order any pending items in July, so they are available when needed in August.***


Summer Reading & Academic Book List

TASIS Dorado is committed to the premise that learning is a lifelong process; the school encourages all learners to be active and curious throughout the school year and beyond. We also recognize that changes in summer schedules, including travel, vacations, camps, academic programs, family time, and – for older students – work and volunteer activities, mean that structuring time for learning can be challenging. We support our students’ and families’ needs and encourage them to take a break, recharge, and enjoy new activities during the summer months. However, research has shown that without exposure to reading, writing, and math during the extended summer break, students suffer from “summer amnesia” when they return to school in August. For that reason, we strongly encourage all our families to support their students’ learning through our summer vacation learning guidelines while still enjoying the summer. We want all students to return to school energized, confident, and motivated as they begin the new year! 

All Grades, Workbooks, Supplemental Reading, APs, and Foreign Languages



SUMMER & FALL 2024-25

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